A Sweet Tradition

The Love and Labor of Maple Sugaring

“To make maple syrup, you take sap and boil off water. There’s nothing added but love and labor.”
— Tom McCrumm, Ashfield, Mass

Of all the signs of spring in Massachusetts, none is more welcome than the sight of sap buckets, sap tubing, or steam billowing from sugarhouses into the clear, crisp air. For generations, the sturdy maples of Massachussets have given sap to the farmers who gather it and transform it into rich, sweet maple syrup for all to enjoy.

For Massachusetts maple farmers, making syrup is a calling that passes through the generations. A Sweet Tradition offers a glimpse into the hard work, the love, and the pull of the sugaring process and the sugaring life.


Produced by Steve Alves. Home Planet Pictures

Copyright © 1999 Massachusetts Maple Producers Association

Running time: 20 minutes