Everyone’s Business

Building A Local Economy

The Franklin County Community Development Corporation (CDC) was formed in 1979 to regain control of the local economy. The region’s largest employers, taken over by multi-national corporations, had shifted hundreds of jobs out of the area. Unemployment rose nearly 10%; well-paying manufacturing jobs declined 16%. The CDC had a new vision, based on the old New England philosophy of self-reliance and commitment to community.

Everyone’s Business celebrates the CDC’s successful efforts toward rebuilding the local economy during its first 20 years. Featuring eleven of the hundreds of businesses helped with loans and technical assistance, the video also honors the spirit of entrepreneurs in the valleys and hilltowns of western Massachusetts.

Producer / Director: Steve Alves
Camera: Rawn Fulton, Michael Campbell, Dan Keller
Narration Writer: Al Norman
Music: Greg Bullen
Narrator: Ben Drabeck

© 1997, Franklin County Community Development Corporation